Colorado Chapter Updates

Colorado Chapter Pays Tribute to Founding Member Bonnie O’Leary Who Passed Away This Year

Members and guests at the July 2018 Colorado Chapter meeting; first row: Colleen Thumm, Phyllis McGuire, Darlene Jamison, Sandy Dungan, Gwen Cramblitt; second row: Dale Goin, Sally Rock, Heather Ritger, Lily Morgan, Olga Zak, Jolene Cogil; back row: Patrick Quinlan, Deanna Quinlan, Evan Genaud, Doug McCain, Don Cramblitt, Jim Navratil, David VanTreuren (co-coordinator)

On July 19, 20 TCC members and guests met at the White Fence Farm in Lakewood to celebrate the 29th birthday of the Colorado TCC Chapter. We gave tribute to Bonnie O’Leary, who passed away in January of this year. Bonnie was one of the founding members and served as Chapter Coordinator for the club’s first 25 years.

We welcomed several guests and prospective members.

Our final meeting of 2018 will be held on Oct. 18, when David VanTreuren will present photos and tales from his recent cruise to several mid-Atlantic islands.

Darlene Jamison and David VanTreuren, founding members of the Colorado Chapter

Colorado Chapter to Hold 25th Anniversary Meeting on July 19 in Denver

The July meeting of the Colorado Chapter of the Travelers’ Century Club will be held at 6 p.m. on Thursday, July 19, at White Fence Farm (6263 West Jewel Ave., Lakewood, CO 80232, telephone 303-935-5945). The White Fence Farm is famous for its Fried Chicken dinners priced at $28.75.  Other options include: Jumbo Deep Fried Shrimp… Continue Reading

Colorado Chapter Update: January and April Meetings Held in Denver

The first 2018 meeting of the Colorado TCC Chapter was held on Jan. 18 at the Imperial Chinese Restaurant in Denver. Richard Lion presented photos from his trip to Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, cities at the juncture of the old Silk Road. Fifteen attendees heard about these cities that were prosperous, powerful centers of… Continue Reading