Southeast Florida (Miami) Chapter Updates

Photo From the Summer 2017 Southeast Florida Gathering

Tom and Kim Davison hosted the summer 2017 Southeast Florida Chapter social in Miami. Members shared travel stories and videos from a river boat in France, scenes fr a stay in venice, and a cruise to cuba were also shown in Davisons’ home theater. From left to right: SusanPierres, SteveWarner, Margaret and Ed McGrath, Carol Ann Peskin, Ted Cookson, Tom and Kim Davison, Bev Anderson, and Jan and John Novar.

June Meeting Planned for Miami Area TCC Members

Marlene Cross hosted meeting at her eclectic home, filled with art collected from her travels. A DVD was shown from her trip to Sudan, as well as whale watching in Baja California. The next Southeast Florida Chapter meeting will be on Sunday, June 11, at the Miami home of Tom and Kim Davison. Program TBA.… Read more »