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  • Program Announced for September International Meeting in Spain

    The UK Chapter is hosting the international meeting in Granada, Spain, September 16-18. Area Coordinator Donna Marsh has already sent the invitation, with details on the program, hotels, excursion possibilities, etc., to the TCC UK and Ireland members. Other TCC members may contact her at for the details. But reservation requests should be sent to TCC Headquarters. The meeting will take…

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  • Major Milestone for Past TCC Treasurer Bart M. Hackley, Jr.

    At the March TCC luncheon in Irvine, California, TCC President Ron Endeman presented TCC Past Treasurer Bart M. Hackley, Jr., with the Special Award (a globe) for finalizing visits to all 320 the TCC countries. His last countries were Cabinda, Tristan de Cunha and St. Helena, where he ran a marathon.

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  • Small Increase in Annual Dues to Cover Rising Administrative Costs

    In January you received your renewal dues invoice for 2011 which reflected a small increase. This was necessary because of rising costs of postage, printing, record-keeping, salaries and overhead office expenses. We have over 2,000 members and the number keeps growing as more people achieve visits to 100 countries. In our covering letter, we explained…

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