Join the Club

Anyone who has visited 100 or more of the territories included in our directory is eligible to join the Travelers’ Century Club. If you can qualify, send us your completed application indicating the territories you have visited, together with your name, address, initiation fee and current year’s dues. We will forward your membership card and certificate. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing of membership.

Click to download the TCC Membership Application Form [PDF Format]

This downloadable form is in PDF format, which may be filled out and saved on your computer before printing, or printed first and filled out by hand. To view and print the form, you must have the free Adobe Reader software installed on your computer. Please send a self addressed envelope if you prefer to have a form sent to you by post.

Membership Fees

Please note that all new members must pay the initiation fee of $100 per person plus the first annual dues payment (see rates below). Your membership will not be processed without the appropriate fee. Membership fees will not be prorated, except for November and December. Credit cards are accepted for payment — American Express, MasterCard and Visa. We also accept PayPal payments. Our PayPal id is

Initiation Fee
$100 per member, $100 for spouse

Yearly Dues With Mailed Info Files
U.S. residents — $85, spouse $65
Residents of other countries — $95, spouse $65
(Please note that higher dues for members requesting mailed Info Files are to cover the added cost of printing and mailing. Alternatively, members may read Info Files on the TCC Web site.)

Yearly Dues Without Mailed Info Files
U.S. residents — $75, spouse $65
Residents of other countries — $85, spouse $65

Provisional Membership

If you have 50 or more territories and you cannot yet qualify as a full member, you are welcome to attend meetings of the club. At your request, we will put you on a Provisional Member mailing list to receive The Centurian newsletter; dues for Provisional Members are listed below (no initiation fee required).

Yearly Dues for Provisional Members
U.S. Residents, With Mailed Info Files — $85
U.S. Residents, Without Mailed Info Files — $75
Residents of Other Countries, With Mailed Info Files — $95
Residents of Other Countries, Without Mailed Info Files — $85