About the TCC

“To provide a social environment for those who have traveled to 100 countries and territories on the TCC Approved List to share experiences and promote world travel.”

Membership in the Travelers’ Century Club® (TCC) is limited to those travelers who have visited one hundred or more territories of the world. It was first organized in Los Angeles in 1954 by a group of the world’s most widely traveled people. The idea has attracted the interest of the world travelers everywhere and we now have members throughout the world, as well as the United States.

In the Territory List, you will find TCC’s official list of 329 territories, updated January 2020, along with an application form for prospective members. In the Events Calendar you will find information about upcoming meetings.

Membership Benefits

Why would a frequent traveler want to join the Traveler’s Century Club? The benefits are more self-satisfying than anything tangible. Here are some of the reasons why there are currently more than 1,400 TCC members:

  • Worldwide recognition or “bragging rights” since only a few people in the world have visited 100 territories, the requirement for membership.
  • The opportunity to share experiences with other well-traveled people.
  • Social events, such as lunches, dinners, and receptions, with other TCC members in key locations throughout the world.
  • The opportunity to hear interesting and educational speakers and see presentations about unique destinations.
  • Exclusive Info Files, written by members from their own experiences, containing helpful information, especially about the more difficult-to-reach or unusual destinations.
  • Camaraderie and friendship among the members, networking opportunities.
  • Opportunity to travel with other TCC members to exotic destinations, perhaps arranging charter transportation to the destination(s).
  • Quarterly informative newsletters, updating TCC information, news about other members and chapters.
  • Members-only pins, updated when the member reaches higher levels of territory visitations.
  • Directory of TCC membership every other year.
  • Better understanding of worldwide cultures, history, peoples.
  • Inspiration for growth and self-fulfillment.

If you would like to become a TCC member, click Join the Club for information about membership requirements and dues.