Korea Chapter Updates

Korea Chapter Excursion to Geumsan in October 2022

As the world continues to resume back-to-normal life, I am delighted to report that Korea TCC Chapter will meet on Monday, Oct. 17. We are planning to take a day trip to Geumsan.

We have arranged a special private tour of Korea Telecom’s satellite facility and the Ginseng Museum.

Ms. Minyoung Kim will give a short presentation onthe  Faroe Islands titled “The Country I Most Desire to Visit,” and I will discuss the latest and useful traveling apps available.

Anyone who is interested in joining this event can contact me for details (soosunnee@hotmail.com).

Sung-Won ‘Christian’ Park
TCC Korea Chapter Coordinator


New South Korea Chapter Holds First Meeting — First TCC Chapter in Asia

On a beautiful Autumn day, Oct. 15, 2019, history was made as the Travelers’ Century Club started its first chapter in Asia. Mr. H.W. Rhee, who worked very hard to build the Korean membership, opened the chapter by unveiling a beautiful TCC sign outside his office. After the unveiling, the first meeting was held at… Read more »