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  • A Small But Enthusiastic Spring Meeting of the Korea TCC Chapter in Seoul

    Greetings from the enchanting Land of the Morning Calm!

    On Monday,  May 20, the Korea (Seoul) TCC Chapter gathered for its much-anticipated spring luncheon at the Sohojung Restaurant nestled in the vibrant Gangnam area. Although the attendance may not have been as abundant as anticipated, the presence of Dr. S.S. Kim, Mr. T.S. Yoon, and myself imbued the occasion with an air of camaraderie and joyous reunions.

    During the meeting, Mr. T.S. Yoon proudly explained to us TCC Korea’s inaugural overseas expedition to the nation of Brunei. From April 30 to May 4, Mr. Yoon, accompanied by Mr. J.T. Kim, embarked on this unforgettable trip. Embarking on a collective journey had long been a cherished aspiration of ours, and although our initial plans to China had to be postponed due to the global pandemic, the reopening of borders has breathed new life into our travel ambitions.

    It would been great if more members joined, but it appears that they are all busy catching up and getting their travel fixes.

    Travel away,

    Sung-Won ‘Christian’ Park
    TCC Korea Chapter Coordinator

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