Yemen the Focus of December New York Chapter Meeting

The next meeting of the New York area’s Travelers’ Century Club will be on Saturday, Dec. 3, at noon.

Member Beth Belkonen will share experiences from her trip to Yemen, which was one stop in her self-arranged solo trip to 12 TCC destinations in the Middle East in November 2008. Her presentation will take you on a stroll through Old Town in the capital of Sana’a, recognized as the world’s oldest city, and highlight the distinct architecture of this World Heritage Site. Her trip into the Haraz Mountains explores the ancient villages on the mountain ridges and looks into the daily life of qat-chewing, dagger-wearing people and a guns and roses wedding.

Joe Rapaport worked hard to find an Iranian restaurant, but too high costs and Saturday closings forced him to look elsewhere. He chose a restaurant we have visited before: Sapphire Indian Restarant at 1845 Broadway between 60th and 61st streets. To park, use the meters or nearby garages. The cost is $30 including tax and tip. Please bring the exact amount in cash to the restaurant.

Have a firm reservation to me by Sunday, Nov. 27.

Lynn Margaret Simmons, Area Coordinator

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