Area Coordinator Profile: Donna Marsh, United Kingdom

United Kingdom Area Coordinator Donna Marsh
United Kingdom Area Coordinator Donna Marsh

Though she was born in the U.S., in Massachusetts, Donna has been living most of her adult life in the United Kingdom, near London. She runs her own consultancy company, Culture Unveiled, which specializes in cross-cultural business services for multinational organizations about to expand into new geographies. Most of her work focuses throughout the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian Subcontinent, where she can generally be found when she’s not at home.

She is an author of three books that combine work with travel: The Middle East Unveiled – a Cultural and Practical Guide for All Western Business Professionals (2010), Doing Business in the New Iraq – Practical Considerations for Multinational Businesses Expanding into Iraq (2011), and Yanks in Blighty (2009). She is also a contributing author to Lonely Planet’s 2010 edition of the Oman, UAE, and Arabian Peninsula guide, with the article on A Businesswoman in Saudi.

Donna visited her 150th TCC country earlier this year when she crossed over from Corfu to Albania by ferry. She joined TCC in 2004. She hopes to add some countries in Africa and the Far East before too long. She usually travels as an extension of her business. At a young age, her parents had encouraged her to see the world Besides her keen interest in travel, Donna also enjoys scuba diving, reading and cooking most Asian cuisines.

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