September New England Luncheon in Gloucester to Focus on Ecotourism

At the June meeting of the New England TCC chapter, members visited the Dr. Seuss Memorial Sculpture Garden where this photo was taken in front of “The Places You Will Go.” Anush Dawidjan is seated; standing are Nils Bormanis, Eric and Linda Fuller, Ned Lynch and Area Coordinator David Santulli.

The New England chapter met in Springfield, Mass, on June 10 at the home of  Anush Dawidjan,where we enjoyed talking about our latest travel adventures, had lunch, and heard about volunteer opportunities for native English speakers for Puebla Ingles in Spain.

Avid traveler, birder and TCC member Noel Mann will host TCC members at her home in Gloucester, Mass., on Saturday, September 29, for a luncheon among friends. Noel will try to get someone to present to us from Mass Audubon’s travel department, or an engaging young Czech woman who is studying at Salem State and doing ecotourism with a focus on National Parks in the United States and Africa.

Noel wishes to have an ecotourism theme and asks people to bring their favorite photo(s) – two maximum –and a pair of walking shoes, as well as a favorite dish, starter A-I, entree J-P or dessert Q-Z. Picnic style. Noel offered to do “a lobsta salad and hot dog buns for conversion into lobsta rolls.” Otherwise, feel free to bring a bottle of wine or nothing at all for those who come from afar. Lunch and presentations will take place between noon and 2 pm.

Here’s more directly from Noel:

Guests to arrive no earlier than 11am, with an open-ended departure but no later than 6pm. My house is not very big, but open plan in a natural setting which invites exploration. It is also handicap accessible through the garage, with a bit of planning.

Parking is a bit limited, but about eight cars plus some space down below. I recommend a GPS to arrive timely at 12 Dorset Drive, about an hour from Boston. Directions on request.

About me: Although I was a traveler before I was a birder, the two enthusiasms go well together and because birds are generally in low population densities, we spend our time in woods & fields where there is better opportunity to get to know the locals. Cities are OK and museums are often included in the itinerary. Wherever you go there will always be photo ops.

Please confirm directly to Noel at and also to me at

Hope to see you there!

David Santulli, Area Coordinator

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