New York Area Coordinator Among Super Storm Victims

Lynn Simmons
Our own Area Coordinator Lynn Simmons was among the thousands of New Yorkers with water intrusion and power outage (and many with much worse problems) following the devastating wrath of “Sandy.” Using the computer in a local library, Lynn wrote that she had water in her basement and no power nor hot water. She was fortunate to be able to stay with a friend who was not affected.

“Many houses had water on the first floor and some are missing whole parts, and others disappeared into the bay,” she wrote. “Like me, they have no power. Gas lines continue long and people have run out of gas to run their generators. It is in the 30s at night and with no light and no heat, it is bad. I spoke to a policeman yesterday who said that, since the curfew, theft is down but people are coming on boats to steal from the open houses. To me this is incredible. We have a new storm coming … with high wind and lots of rain. If our basements flood again, progress is halted until the underground water recedes.”

This is a familiar but personal account. By the time other TCC members read this, we hope that Lynn is back safely in her home.

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