Presentation on Bolivia and Peru at the Dec. 2012 Missouri Meeting

Kansas City TCC members took a virtual journey to Bolivia and Peru during their December 2012 meeting.

Lake Titicaca and the Nazca Lines, seldom tread places in the countries of Bolivia and Peru, were the center of discussion of this year’s final meeting on Dec. 7. Dr. Frederick Hahn, who is close to visiting his 100th country explored more of Bolivia and Peru including Machu Picchu.

The travel trivia of the day was: What’s the oldest, unchanged border in Europe and the answer is Portugal and Spain from 1297. Atty. Casey Boudreau took home a prize of a world map curtain.

Our next meeting will be on Friday, March 29, 2013, at Trezo Mare. The restaurant is at 4105 North Mulberry Drive in Kansas City, telephone (816) 505-3200.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

— Steve and Henna Fuller, Area Coordinators


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