A Hearty Welcome to New TCC Members

The Travelers’ Century Club is pleased to welcome the following new members to the club:

Angevine, Mr. Mark
Beadling, Mr.
Bechly, Mr. Paul L.
Boltz, Ms. Loreen
Cain, Mr. Simon
Curran, Mr. Leo (Lion)
Curran, Mrs. Donna
Fuller, Mr. Frederic
Gebhard, Mr. Ralph
Grcevic, Ms. Barbara H.
Hamman, Ms. Beverly
Hayden, Mr. Alan W.
Helps, Ms. Billie
Hogan, Mr. Thad
Lee, Mr. Joseph Robert
Linke, Mr. Gary
Maddux, Mrs. Claudia J.
McClurkan, Ms. Carolyn S.
Morris, Mr. Thomas Oliver
Mortensen, Mrs. Muriel (Mimi)
Nickson, Mr. Douglas C.
Peterson, Mr. Mitchell
Pomeroy, Mr. Charles (Dave)
Rich, Mr. Peter
Sermersheim, Ms. Gail
Smith, Mr. Nathaniel Dillon
Steldt, Mr. Frank R.
Stoumbelis, Themis
Sylvester, Mr. Edward B.
Sylvester, Mrs. Bernadette
Torkelson, Mr. Leon A.
Torkelson, Mrs. Glenda C.
Verwillow, Mrs. Kathryn
Verwillow, Miss Anna
Wells, Ms. Elizabeth B.

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Los Angeles, CA 90045
Mailing Address:
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Cupertino, CA 95015
Tel: (888) 822-0228
Email: info@travelerscenturyclub.org

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