A Message From the Chairman

Congratulations to Western Canada and Tim Skeet, Coordinator, for a successful inaugural meeting. TCC head office enjoyed the visits of the Coordinator from Arizona, Matt Cohen, and the Coordinator from Missouri, Steven Fuller, who has traveled the world to participate in many marathons. Major Bonnie O’Leary and her Colorado chapter recently celebrated their 24th anniversary. Congratulations to Edna Erspamer and R. G. Canning for their Platinum membership of 250+countries, and to Laurie Campbell for her Diamond membership of 300+ countries.

Our German Coordinator, J. Herbert Goebels, is inviting TCC members to attend their yearly meeting in Munich, September 6-9. Hearty congratulations to our long-time Munich members, Dr. Rudolf Oittner for his Diamond membership and Dr. Gisela Oittner for her Platinum membership.

Tourism prospects remain positive for May/August, during the Northern Hemisphere summer season. Around 435 million tourists are expected to travel abroad during these four months, which accounts for as much as 40% of international tourist arrivals registered in a year. This outlook is confirmed by the U.N. World Tourism Organization. I look forward to seeing you all at our September 14 meeting in Newport Beach.

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