The TCC Official List in 1965

Click this image to open a PDF scan of one of the first TCC country lists, published in November 1965.
Click this image to download a PDF scan of one of the first TCC country lists, published in Nov. 1965.

The TCC office recently came across, in some stored material, the “Approved List of Countries & Island Groups” as of November 1, 1965. There were 254 then, with many destinations that have long since been consolidated or divided. This was one of the first lists published following the organization’s founding in 1954.

It was interesting to view some of the places that were included on that list, besides the better known splits such as the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, the West Indies Federation, and the mergers such as East and West Germany, North and South Viet Nam, East and West Pakistan. Among those destinations on that 1965 list which are not designated as such today are: Assam, Trucial Coast, Laccadive Islands, Nicobar Islands, Clipperton Island, Johnston Island, and Byelorussia.

Do you know what these destinations are called today or what countries have absorbed them?

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