TCC Members Reaching the Next Level

  • Stephen Warner from Tampa, FL, only has to travel to three more destinations to reach the total of 324 on the TCC List of Countries & Territories. They are the Galapagos Islands and the Norwegian and French Antarctic Territories. “I continue to use the TCC as the flag bearer of my travel goals,” he says. “Thanks for all you and TCC have given to me.”
  • From the Texas/Oklahoma chapter we have Diane Peterson Mathis of Houston who has reached the 150 (Silver) level, and Jordan Hargrave and Ed and Dolly Golden, all from Austin, who have reached the 200 (Gold) level.
  • Barbara Stein of Hollywood, FL, has achieved the Platinum milestone of 250 destinations.
  • Donald M. Parrish, Jr., of Downer’s Grove, IL, only has to travel to one more destination to reach the total of 324 on the TCC List — the British Indian Ocean Territory, Diego Garcia, which most mem- bers say is the most difficult place to get to.
  • After completing her round-the-world trip at the beginning of this year, Jenny McIver of Atlanta surpassed her 150-country mark in Malawi, reaching her Silver level.

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