Report From the April 2014 Eastern Canada Meeting in Toronto

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With 25 travelers in attendance, our largest gathering ever at our TCC Eastern Canada Meeting April 26, we welcomed new members Dee Simpson and Leo Reichmanis. Also visiting us were travelers Fred and Kathleen Milke who are considering joining the club.

Our own Mr. David Selley shared a thought-provoking presentation themed “World Travel, Its appeal & Its importance: There Is No Place Like Away.” David explored issues such as the economic benefits and mind-broadening aspects for travelers. He also detailed some of the downsides that can accrue when travelers are disrespectful of their hosts. In addition, David shared some fascinating pictures of man-made wonders, natural wonders, exotic food, and simply fun stuff such as quirky signs.

We enjoyed an “around-the-room and around-the-world” session with all members getting the chance to introduce and present a picture of a favorite island and/or island experience.

An incredible range of island photos were shared with fascinating stories to go along with each. Examples included the Chatham Islands, El Pinel Island off the coast of St Martin, Nui in the southeast Pacific, Porterman Island near Antarctica, Lord Howe Island/Norfolk Island off the coast of Australia, Sand Blast Island near Panama, Borneo, Isla de Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua, Madera, Easter Island, the Galapagos, Nevis and even Manhattan! Educational, inspiring and at times humorous.

Future 2014 Eastern Canada Chapter meetings are as follows:

  • Saturday, Sept. 20
  • Saturday, Dec. 6

Also, on April 23, “TCC east met TCC west” when Western Canada TCC co-ordinator Tim Skeet and I met for the first time in the Aeroplan lounge at the Calgary airport. An hour was spent together talking about how to continue to make Canada’s TCC chapters vibrant and growing.

Warm regards,

Rick Shaver, Area Coordinator


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