Traditional Pub Quiz Tests TCC Members’ Travel Knowledge During June Meeting in London

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The TCC UK held its early summer meeting at the Zetland Arms pub in South Kensington on Sunday, June 15.  Our group included UK-based members as well John Barnett and David Langan, who traveled over from Dublin. In addition, we were joined by Peter Bancroft, Alwyn Hill, Nathan Perry and the Hunt family – Martin, Christine and their young daughter Caroline, all of whom were in attendance for their first meeting.

As is traditional in many British pubs, we held a pub quiz exclusive to the TCC group, “Around the World in 80 Questions.” which, due to time constraints and an apology to Jules Verne, became “Around the World in 70 Questions.” With the teams showing a remarkable veneer of politeness broken only on occasion by naked competitiveness, the team “The Late Lunchers” (Angus and Elaine Palmer, Lucy Cooper and Nathan Perry) prevailed with a respectable 52/70 points.  The other teams, “JB’s ensemble,” “The Eagles” and “Norfolk and Chance” all performed well, proving that TCCers do indeed have an eclectic knowledge of travel.

Our next meeting will be held in autumn 2014.  A follow-up email will be sent out to all members and attendees soon with further details.

Donna Marsh
Area Coordinator, TCC UK

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