Candidate for Future Expedition to Mars Addresses Eastern Canada Chapter Gathering in Toronto

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Thank you all for being part of our TCC Eastern Canada meeting on Sept. 20 in downtown Toronto – perhaps one of our most interesting and informative meetings yet.

First, our featured speaker Mr. Steve Fenech shared some hair-raising stories about his adventures in 160 countries and seven continents. His theme was “Some Rewards of Travelling Off the Beaten Path Can Be Out of This World.” Above the Arctic Circle, Antarctica, Nepal, Namibia, Rwanda, Tajikistan, Iran, Mauritania and many other fascinating destinations and adventures Steve experienced around the globe.

Steve then filled us in on his selection as a short-listed candidate for the Mars One endeavor to set up a permanent human colony on the Red Planet. Steve believes that strong contributing factors to his being selected so far for Mars One is his uber-travel credentials on Earth along with his film and photojournalist abilities. We wish Steve well with his Mars One endeavors!

For the second part of the meeting, photos and stories were exchanged about memorable border crossings. North/South Korea, Trans-Dniester/Moldova, Rwanda/Uganda and even Canada/USA, to name a few.

Thanks to Jane Shaver for providing the lunch – including her famous homemade brownies.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting on Saturday, Dec. 6. Details to follow soon.

Warm regards,

Rick Shaver, Area Coordinator

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