Report From the September 2014 West Florida Luncheon in Sarasota

Sarasota is a seasonal city – many residents are “snowbirds” and leave for other locations during the summer. I decided to see how many of our TCC members stuck around so I expected only four or five guests to show up. I was wrong – we had 11. The time could not have been better: of the attendees, one just got back from Russia and next week three are starting a trip outside the country.

Amanda Davis is a remarkable young woman. She and her husband work for two or so years and then travel for nearly a year. In the Internet age one can work from anywhere. They just returned from the Philippines and a train ride through Russia – at one point they were on the train for 52 hours. Most of us could not do a similar journey. She is an interesting storyteller and we all enjoyed listening to her.

Other attendees have recently returned from Haiti, Brunei, Burma and the South Pacific.

Ken Chamberlain maintained his attendance record: he has not missed a luncheon.

There was a long discussion about traveling to Cuba. Royce Haiman and Katherine and Larry Nutt have been to Cuba. In some cases, travelers are subject to indoctrination talks while others have not been exposed to any propaganda and found no travel restrictions.

Each of us is planning a journey in the not-too-distant future. My husband and I leave for Venice next month, and then we take a 25-day cruise back to Florida. Other TCC members are on their way to England, a river cruise, Russia and other cruises.

Dave MacCarthy will “represent” our group at the upcoming TCC cruise. He has traveled extensively and has a wealth of traveling information which he cheerfully shares.

Our next luncheon is scheduled for Dec. 2

Lillian O’Leary, Area Coordinator

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