Promoting TCC Membership

When traveling, TCC members usually encounter other travelers who like to talk about all the places they have visited. Why not ask them how many countries they think they have visited. If the numbers are high you could tell them about the Travelers’ Century Club. They probably have not heard of our organization.

Suggest they go to the TCC website, look at the List of Countries & Territories, and check off those they have visited. You can point out the flexible way TCC lists the destinations. If they are short of the 100, tell them they would be eligible to be a Provisional member at 75. This conversation is especially meaningful if you are visiting the less-popular places because they have probably alreadybeen to the well-known countries.

Wearing a TCC membership pin is also a conversation starter.

What an easy way to promote and increase TCC membership! As you know, TCC does not solicit membership, relying on word-of-mouth and articles in publications or on the Web.

You may also be pleasantly surprised to find a fellow TCC member with much in common.

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