Parrish and Hughes Visit Tristan de Cunha

Don Parrish at Tristan de Cunha, the world's most remote inhabited island.
TCC Silver member Don Parrish at Tristan de Cunha, the world’s most remote inhabited island

“Tristan is one of those places that every traveler treasures,” states Chicago-based Don Parrish. “It is unique. It requires weeks on a ship for even an attempt at a landing the way I did it.” He was on Nightingale Island the following day for several hours. The ship made a complete circumnavigation of Inaccessible Island, with a very close approach on the leeward side, but no landing. His trip was last spring.

Board Member Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes

TCC Board Member Kevin Hughes (Phoenix based) also visited Tristan — “the world’s most remote inhabited island” — in November 2013. He had been in Tristan 18 years previously and noted a lot of improvements to the settlement, especially in the lifestyle.

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