Report From the December 2014 Western Canada Gathering

Left to right: Lana Skeet, Edna Brietzke, Leo Brietzke, Ray Tharp, Tim Skeet and Lee-Ann Sharhan
Left to right: Lana Skeet, Edna Brietzke, Leo Brietzke, Lee-Ann Sharhan and Ray Tharp

The Western Canada group may have had a small get-together, but we certainly enjoyed lively conversations centered around interesting travel experiences. Unfortunately, our guest speaker and TCC member, Patti, was unable to be present for the meeting, but Leo Brietzke and Ray Tharp stole the show with their stories.

If you ask any Canadian the greatest moment in sport, they will cite the 1972 Summit Series 8 game hockey playoff between the USSR and Canada. Ray is the only person we know to have actually been at the final game in Moscow, and he shared some interesting stories about the political climate and his trip through Russia. See

Somehow, the conversation steered to travel in/out of the country and tight connections of flights, to which Leo and Edna shared about their tight connection in Paris off the Concorde, and how the good people at Air France Concorde concierge did everything for them. Lee-Ann Sharhan joined our group as a guest and shared her tales from her times living abroad in Brazil, while Lana and Tim lamented about their next trip. Where? That is the beauty of this club.

This set the tone for an Italian-themed luncheon. As a prelude to dinner, English Christmas crackers were popped to unveil interesting prizes for everyone … and of course, a crown! The group may have been a small gathering, but everyone felt as lucky as royalty for all of the destinations they acknowledge to have been to and look forward to their future travels and gatherings in 2015.

The 2015 schedule was not penned, but the chapter adopted a rule to have rotating meetings, on months in between scheduled Eastern Canada dates, and never to conflict with the Los Angeles chapter’s dates. This will, optimally, give members the opportunity to get to 10 meetings per year, and to join any other chapter for their meetings. Meeting dates and destinations will come out shortly.

Happy New Year!

Tim Skeet, Area Coordinator

Left to right:
Left to right: Ray Tharp, Lee-Ann Sharhan, Leo Brietzke, Lana Skeet and Edna Brietzke
Left to right: Lana Skeet, Edna Brietzke, Leo Brietzke, Ray Tharp, Tim Skeet and Lee-Ann Sharhan

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