A Small But Engaged Gathering of West Florida Members in April

On April 23 the West Florida Chapter had a luncheon get-together at the University Park Country Club in Sarasota. Nine happy travelers attended. Several of our group were in Asia, on their way to New Zealand or on cruises. This is not surprising. After all we are a travel club, and you would expect some of our members to be engaged in what the club is about: traveling.

The nine of us discussed our favorite location and the difficulties we had in attaining additional locations: we tended to return to places we liked best.

The attendees were canvassed as to the number of countries they had visited. We went from a low of 104 to a high of 173.

We also talked about our prized acquisitions from trips. In many cases it was art work, which we still held in high regard.

One of our attendees has well over 100 countries, all of which she visited on land tours. Many of the other attendees tend to take cruises and accumulated their countries through land tours from the cruise ship.

We enjoyed the luncheon and we looking forward to our next get-together, which will be on July 23rd.

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