How to Start at TCC Chapter in Your Area

We now have 20 TCC chapters — 16 domestic and four international — and possibly another in Naples, FL (see separate article). But some members outside the current chapter areas have expressed interest in meeting with other TCC members to share travel experiences. Additional chapters have been started in other areas of the same state, such as St. Louis joining Kansas City as a chapter in Missouri. Another chapter in the same state or area is usually for logistic reasons and often are break-away groups.

Chapters are primarily social gatherings with no set number of members in an area required to become a chapter. Smaller groups can initially meet socially to determine if there is interest.

If you’re interested in starting a chapter in your area, contact TCC Headquarters which will assist and advise about the feasibility and give you names and addresses of members in your vicinity. See the accompany article about the requirements to be an Area Coordinator.


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