About the TCC Facebook Page

The Travelers’ Century Club Facebook page is six months old and gaining new friends, or “likes” in this case, steadily over this period. The page currently has over 500 likes coming from users in 45 different countries, bringing our page 45% of the way to reaching its own country century mark. The content contributions are your board members and coordinators who have shared photos from their personal collections and stories we hope will be of interest to all club members.

We would love to hear from you about the type of content you would like featured. One way to do this is by visiting the page and clicking on “Like” for the types of content you would like to see more of, or by sending us a Facebook message.

Remember, the Facebook page is open to everyone, so if you would prefer to get feed-back or share stories and pictures exclusively with your fellow club members, then use the TCC Forum.

Links to both the TCC Facebook page and the TCC Forum can be found on the TCC website’s home page. If you are a Facebook user, come like us on Facebook!

(The above is provided by the two Board members who have spearheaded the Facebook launch — TCC Treasurer JoAnn Schwartz and new Board Member and Western Canada Coordinator Tim Skeet)

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