Organizing TCC Meetings in New Areas

From time to time we get letters from various areas inquiring about organizing meetings with the TCC members in their vicinities. As you know, many areas have enjoyed success with regular get-togethers and interesting programs.

TCC has no set policy on regional member ber meetings and will be glad to assist anyone interested. We will publish your announcements and contacts, as well as photos, in the Centurian, as well as on our website. Reports should be submitted prior to the publication of each Centurian.

The new Club Roster may serve as your guide to possibilities of interested members in your city or state area. Then you should get out a notice to those TCC members, asking if they would be interested in getting together. You are on your own in the beginning and need to have a few meetings to test the waters. If there is sufficient and consistent interest, TCC will reimburse you for postage and later provide letterhead and envelopes.

The area meetings are loose since this is a social organization. Meetings can be in a home, in a restaurant or in another venue. There can be speakers or members can talk about their latest trip. Ideas for various types of get-togethers often come from reading the reports of the various Area Coordinators in each issue of The Centurian. The Area Coordinator arranges for the local meetings, collects the money and pays the venue. He or she sends the announcement to members within 100 miles.

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