A Message From the Board

Our compliments of the season to you and your families.

Please join us in welcoming 31 new and provisional members to the TCC. Further, let’s congratulate current members who have reached new achievements this past quarter including 9 Silver, 3 Gold, 4 Platinum, and 1 Diamond levels. We hope many more of you have new trips planned this season and for 2017. The TCC will be there ready to encourage you to achieve your dreams and celebrate your achievements!

As we reflect back on 2016, we have a renewed optimism for the future of our club. The board has been able to transform our organization from a “brick and mortar” headquarters, to a “virtual” office. What

does that mean? We creatively honed in on our own skills to build a phone network, redesign the newsletter, outsource our mail handling, and create the LA chapter. Further measures included renegotiating old contracts, eliminating redundant fees and allocating many services to be performed by your own board members through to the end of this year.

Looking towards 2017 we have a fresh new outlook for the TCC. First and foremost, we are pleased to share there will be no increase in dues. In fact, there is a small reduction in dues for international spouses. A renewal dues notice will follow.

One objective for 2017 is to be more transparent to our members. In an effort to go “green,” we hope to publish our “Roster of Members” securely online and create a secured link to our financial information. This will include member access to our Charter, Bylaws, 990 IRS forms, and Income/Expense statements.

Several members have expressed interest in starting and leading chapters in their geographic areas. While the board is evaluating these requests to determine their feasibility, we believe it shines a very bright future on our unique club. To help us take care of member requests and daily matters, we will be looking to reinstate a part-time administrator, once again. After all, we want to travel too!

We are all part of a community of travelers in the most celebrated club of its kind on the planet. This is our club, and our opportunity to build greatness together.

Warmest blessings,

    —Tim Skeet

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