Introducing the New Area Coordinators for Texas and Germany

Many thanks to Kim-Kay Randt for all her hard work on behalf of the Texas chapter. New coordinator Paul Cline lives in Houston with his wife Nancy.

paul_clineIt was 1962 and I was ten years old, an only child, and living on a farm in outback Missouri. My parents decided I should meet my extended family in Denver, Colorado. So they packed a suitcase for me, gave me a little money and put me on a train from Warrensburg, Missouri to Denver. The only instructions were, “Get off the train in Denver, and someone will meet you there.” What a heady experience! I was hooked on going places, and all the better if I was on my own.

I was fortunate to work for ExxonMobil for over 40 years, mostly as a mergers and acquisitions manager, which allowed me to travel all over the world on business. I took additional personal time while traveling to visit as many countries and destinations as possible. That did it … my retirement passion is world travel.

We’re pleased to introduce Armin Schreiner, who is taking over from Herb Goebels. Armin can best describe himself in his own words:

armin_schreinerWhy do I like to travel? Basically, I consider myself an “input junkie,” who thrives on nothing but information. I would like to know as much of the World and its secrets as possible. And one of the most pleasant ways of satisfying this urge is traveling!

My professional interests are almost as widespread as my travels. After joining the Navy as an onboard radio man, I earned a university degree in medical microbiology and worked in the field of gastroenterology for almost 20 years. In addition, I am a certified translator and interpreter for the English language. Subsequently, I succeeded in a Ph.D. program of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, making me a bona-fide forest ecologist specialized in ground-beetle research. Generally, I am a zoology enthusiast who goes crazy with his camera. Usually, I take animal photos on trips wherever possible. As a SCUBA diver, I am also interested in marine ecosystems.

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