Report From the September 2016 Gathering in Bremen, Germany


At September’s 2016 meeting in Bremen, coordinator Herb Goebels handed off the reins to Armin Schreiner. Many thanks Herb for building the Germany chapter!

During the day participants heard presentations on the places of adventure of Sinbad the Sailor in Iraq, by Katja Kirstie; Micronesia a generation ago, by Hubert Dahl; the World War I remembrance culture, by Armin Schreiner, and the history of Bremen by Jan Cassalette.

Other topics discussed included the potential challenges of obtaining an American visa if you have traveled to places like Syria, Somalia, Iraq, and Yemen since 2011.

The next meeting on Sept. 2, 2017, will be held in the city of Wuerzburg. In addition, regional meetings throughout the year will be looked into, as well as a possible combined meeting with TCC members in Barcelona. Members from Germany are also encouraged to look at the scheduling of Donna Marsh’s meetings in the United Kingdom.

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