West Florida Chapter Shares African Travel Experiences

The Florida West Coast chapter of the Travelers’ Century Club held a luncheon meeting on Thursday, Feb. 16, at the University Park Country Club in Sarasota.  Members shared experiences and travel tips for South Africa and Around the World trips.

Our next luncheon is planned for Thursday, June 8, at 12:30, also at the University Park Country Club in Sarasota.

On November 17th ten TCC members had a luncheon at the University Park Country Club in Sarasota, which included two of whom were new to the club: Victor Sim and Tom Kennedy.

Both had extensive travel experience —Tom lived in South Africa for almost thirty years where he was employed as a travel consultant. He has traveled extensively all over Africa for his livelihood.

Victor Sim also has an impressive foreign resume. His family started in Hong Kong and moved several times around Southeast Asia. He also has visited many exotic sites as has Tom.

We had a long discussion about traveling in South Africa and on the Robos railway, and wished Charlene Doll well on her birthday.

Herb Roessinger is leaving in a few days for Dubai where he embarks on a thirty-day Oceania cruise which finishes in Cape Town.

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