Arizona TCC Chapter Update

Arizona Chapter pose at the Phoenix Zoo with Elvis, age 85.

The active Arizona chapter has held a couple of meetings during the last few months to take advantage of the excellent weather.

One special meeting took place at a reserved area of the Phoenix Zoo, a lovely scene for a great picnic and travel networking. Zoo spokeswomen Shannon Kinsman and Jamie Alcumbrac discussed the mission of the Zoo and insights into animal care, such as 575 daily diets and menus, not always appetizing to humans! Despite the crowds, members enjoyed touring the grounds after our meeting.

The Arizona TCC Chapter will meet at a local restaurant for one of our two informal meetings during the Arizona hot season. As it turns out, it will be big enough to add a program. Dr. Dedrie Polakof will present on caring for your feet on the road, and fitting and selecting travel shoes

We will also have a similar meeting in July so members can be on the alert. Date to be announced. Conversation vs. program depends on attendance.

Our regular fall meeting will be in October or early November  on a date to be determined by members’ availability, as always, and will be at a member’s house with a program. The vagaries in members’ schedule preclude regular rotation of dates; we still have five meetings a year.

The Arizona Chapter’s April outing at the Phoenix Zoo

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