Inaugural Photo Contest Winner: Laurel Glassman of Chevy Chase, Maryland

Congratulations to Laurel! This was a tough one to judge because the quality of photos all of you submitted was truly outstanding. Our photo contest is quarterly, so keep submitting your favorite shots. Click for contest details »

Icefjord at Ilullisat, Greenland / Photo: Laurel Glassman

Midnight in July. The is sun hanging low, but continues to light the way for us as we maneuver around icebergs, some as high as 300 feet, in the icefjord at Ilullisat, Greenland. Because there are so many icebergs in the fjord, the water is a mirror. It brilliantly reflects the rich red of our little sailing vessel against a background of the white sentries, and the perfect blue sky. There are only 12 of us on this somewhat elderly ship, strangers to each other (except for my daughter), but all so glad to be here, wending our way slowly through this impossibly beautiful seascape. We huddle under blankets to keep warm. Soon our native guide scoops a small iceberg out of the water and chips off small pieces, which he places into our cups. When the vodka is poured over the ice, it hisses as tiny air bubbles, locked inside for millennia, escape into the atmosphere. Cheers!


The Kolkata Curry Stall / Photo by James Downs, Lafayette, Colorado
Swimming in Jellyfish Lake, Palau / Photo by Amanda Davis, St. Pete Beach, Florida


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