Notes From the June 2017 West Florida Chapter Meeting

On June 8 the West Florida Chapter held a luncheon meeting at the University Park Country Club in Sarasota.

Amanda Davis just returned from South Africa where she and her husband toured for three months. Tom Kennedy had lived in South Africa for 30 years and was a railroad consultant. He and Amanda shared some interesting experiences about life in South Africa.

Gary Conroy who just returned from a cruise (he has now circumnavigated the globe) and plans on going to Cuba in the near future.

John Robinson and his wife who is a retired commercial airline pilot as well as an accomplished diver, shared their experiences with us. John spent part of his working career in Cairo. Incidentally it was his birthday and he shared a bottle of Champagne with us.

Katherine and Larry McNutt are booked on a long Oceania cruise in the near future originating in Singapore.

Tom Gregory came to the luncheon from Orlando and is looking forward to his next adventure. Our next meeting will be on September 14th at the University Park Country Club.

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