June 2018 Photo Contest Winner: Deepak Awasthi of Destreham, Louisiana

Congratulations to Deepak! You’ve won a year of free dues! Thank you to everybody who submitted photos. It was so hard to pick amongst African animals, people, and landscapes. Don’t give up if you weren’t the lucky one. Please keep submitting! Our next photo ccontest will have a South America theme. Click for contest details »

“Himba Women” Namibia / Photo: Deepak Awasthi

My wife and I went to visit this African tribe in Namibia. It changed our lives to see these women taking care of everything from their children to their community. They lived a simple life and seemed content. We spent a morning with the tribe; interacted with the children. It taught us about simplicity.


Randall Rehak, San Diego, California

Photo: Randall Rehak

Togo: In a small village an hour outside of Lome, curious kids take a look at their pictures just taken on my iPhone.

David J. Giacullo, Hellerup, Denmark

Photo: David J. Giacullo

Baobab Tree: My attempts to capture, in a picture, the true size of Baobab trees on Madagascar were largely unsuccessful. I find this one to be more or less “accurate” in scale and texture. I think that I spent more time some days taking pictures of trees than of Lemurs.

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