A Hearty Welcome to New TCC Members

The Travelers’ Century Club is pleased to welcome the following new members to the club:

Allen, Jerry
Allen, Nan
Arnemann, Roger
Bandley, Nancy
Baqué, Achim
Bierley, John “Charles”
Burnett, Nicholas
Churchley, Barbara
Clemmer, Diana M.
Clemmer, Robert W.
Cook, Daniel
Cook, Kimberly L.
Corbett, Steven
Day, Julia
Evans, Judith M.E.
Fathelbab, Asem
Fisher, Nancy
Harbaugh, Daniel P.
Hawley, Shervin B.
Hill, Mark R.
Hill, Patricia J.
Honnart, Alain
Honnart, Anne
Huang, Chu Chi
Kim, Jong Tai
Kim, Minyoung
Marino, Dominic Carlo.
Maruszak, Paul
Ourset, Roger
Park, Jeung Sik
Pruna, Emili Xaus
Qin, Tian
Roberts, Diane Bayles
Schmidtlein, Frank
Seibel, Robert R.
Shilling, Christopher
Soehardjo, Marsella Isabel
Srejber, Milan
Staas, William H.
Thurston, Edward A.
Trombley, Dennis Alan
Trombley, Diana
Uthe, David
Vega, Joaquin Rocky
Wagner, Frederick William (Bill)
Walter, Rolf
White, Susan
Wood, Robin
Youn, Taek Sik
Zhang, Tong
Zoch, Michael

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