March 2019 Photo Contest Winner: Randy Rehak, San Diego, California

Congratulations Randy! You’ve won a year of free dues! The theme for March was “animals we have encountered.” Since so many outstanding photos were submitted, the board has picked a second winner and two honorable mentions that will be revealed in the June 2019 Centurian. Thanks to everybody who sent in their wonderful photos. The next Photo Contest theme will be in the June Centurian, so hold off sending any photos until then! 

Macaque on the Rock / Photo: Randy Rehak

Gibraltar was one of my favorite stops from my end of year trip that had me traversing four continents and sixteen countries by plane, train, bus, boat, taxi, and foot. I loved the peaceful and playful macaques on the Rock!


Laurel Glassman, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Giraffes for breakfast / Photo: Laurel Glassman

Yes, it is possible to have giraffes for breakfast. WhileI wouldn’t have any idea how tasty they are, I do know that they make very delightful table companions. You, too, can have giraffes for breakfast, at Giraffe Manor, near Nairobi, Kenya. Rothschild Giraffes wander over quite regularly to this gorgeous colonial era mansion from a nearby conservancy. When we stayed at the manor, we were given little pellet “treats” for the giraffes, who were happy not only to eat the pellets off of our table and out of our hands, but even right from our lips. As “kissers” go, my daughter and I can attest that giraffes are pretty darn good!

Jane Eagleson, Miami Beach, Florida

Angry orangutan / Photo: Jane Eagleson

In April 2018 I took my NZ-based, 11-year-old great nephew on a trip to see wild animals in several places in Asia. One of the highlights was seeing wild orangutans in Tanjung Puting National Park on the Indonesian side of Borneo. Orangutans are solitary animals but with an obvious hierarchy and only a single mother occupies the platform at any one time. This photo is of a very angry mother who was chased from the platform by another mother who must have been higher up the hierarchy tree. This was the only time we heard any sounds with both mothers screaming and hooting at each other.

How does the board pick the winners of the Photo Contest?
After the published deadline, each board member writes down his/her five favorites in order and placement points are compiled. Greatest number of points wins. Taken into consideration is the resolution
of the photo for reproduction quality, if there are at least a few sentences written about the photo, and if the photo relates to the theme. These are all important!

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