An International Gathering of TCC Members as the Central European Chapter Convened in Stuttgart

Stuttgart City Palace (see more photos from the Central European Chapter meeting below)

PROGRAM: Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019

09:00 am – Registration
09:15 am – Opening Remarks / Introduction of Attendees
09:45 am – Presentation #1: Mongolia (Patrick Dewilde)
10:30 am – Coffee Break
11:00 am – Presentation #2: West Africa 1978 (Joachim von zur Gathen)
11:45 am – Presentation #3: Cairo to Capetown (Michael Zoch)
12:30 pm – Group Picture / Lunch
1:30 pm – Quiz: Travel Trivia (Reinhold Baer)
02:00 pm – Presentation #4: Trans-Siberian Impressions (Verena Tauchert)
02:45 pm – Presentation #5: Drivin’ Till Sunset (Joerg Werda)
03:30 pm – Coffee Break
04:00 pm – Presentation #6: 12 Countries in 12 Months (J.D. Lewis)
04:45 pm – Questions and Answers
05:00 pm – 2020 Meetings (Prague and Nuremberg) and Beyond
05:15 pm – Closing Remarks
07:00 pm – Dinner in Alte Kanzlei, a traditional restaurant in the center of Stuttgart / Social Evening


  1. Opening remarks by Armin Schreiner (Silver Status awarded to Lee Harris, Diamond Status awarded to Joachim von zur Gathen) / Organizational remarks and introduction to Stuttgart by Hubert Dahl
  2. Participants from 9 countries (see list below) introduced themselves and explained their commitment to traveling. Our special thanks went to J.D. Lewis, who came all the way from Sta. Barbara, California, to present on his personal reason for traveling, i.e. doing charity work in 12 countries around the World during one big trip – and starting his own charity foundation afterwards (the Twelve-in-Twelve Foundation).
  3. Presentations (according to the above program); all presentations were cheered by the audience. Since everybody had a lot to show and tell there was almost no time for questions and a proper discussion. It was decided that we will have to do with one less presentation in the future, maybe introducing 30 minutes on an “open subject” instead!
  4. Travel Trivia Quiz:
    Reinhold Baer (far right on photo below) let us compete in the following disciplines: Countries’ flags, silhouettes, neighbors, and some more basic characteristics. And the winner was………. Volker Klein, tightly followed by Stephan Behringer, Marianne and Patrick Dewilde, as well as Lee Harris (left to right on photo below). Each knowledgeable traveler received a pack of several thousand Euros – nicely shredded to very small pieces and wrapped as a gift by the German Federal Bank ;-)))

    Photo by Ansgar Schuler
  5. Q&A:
    1. To follow up on the Facebook matter raised in Brussels earlier this year, Stephan
      Behringer announced that both a TCC fan page and a closed group for the internal exchange of members have already been executed. The subject of WhatsApp groups was not pursued any further.
    2. There was a lively request for not only using our meetings for planning trips to unusual destinations together, but also start some sort of forum for this reason. Please send suggestions on how this could be done (by using WhatsApp after all, on the official website based in the US, etc.)!
    3. Some members were unhappy about lowering provisional membership to 50 countries. Occasional guests who do not fulfill our travel standards may be invited to meetings, nevertheless, but on a regular basis our attendees seek the exchange with well-traveled companions only. Would HQ please comment?
    4. Jacques Bojin took portrait pictures of all Stuttgart participants and is willing to share them with a) the portrayed members and b) on a web forum, if such was installed. Again, please send suggestions on how b) could be done!
  6. 2020 (and further) Meetings:
    The Spring Meeting in Prague, CZ (co-hosted by Sarka Kinclova), will be held on April 25, 2020. The first announcement will be sent out to all Central European members later this year!For the Spring Meetings in 2021 and 2022 Paris, France (co-hosted by the Bojins and Honnarts), and Vienna, Austria (co-hosted by Erich Winauer), respectively, were given. Now, one more hat is in the ring: Bjorn Watne wants to bring the event to Oslo, Norway, in one of the years to come.The Fall Meeting in Nuremberg, Germany (co-hosted by Stephan Behringer), will be held on Sept. 12, 2020. Details will be given in 2020 as early as possible!


Thanks to all of you for your participation and all of your input!!!

Group photo from the Central European Chapter meeting in Stuttgart

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