Report From the October 2019 St. Louis Chapter Gathering

The October 2019 St. Louis Chapter meeting featured an engaging program by artist Amanda Jolly and her husband Scott focusing on the Kutsch district of Gujarat in western India.

The St. Louis TCC Chapter met on Tuesday, Oct. 8, with 26 members and guests present.

This was not the typical India travelogue, for we are being led by Amanda Jolly, and artist and traveler from Kansas City. She leads art and cultural exchanges throughout the world. Through her eyes we explored the patterns and symbols influencing the architecture of the temples and monuments of India. We were shown how these cultural patterns infuse village life, homes, and landscapes of the Kutsch district of Gujarat, India. Amanda brought with her examples of her own hands-on experience with local artisans doing embroidery, tie-dye (bandhani), Ajrakh block printing, and weaving. Her trip was part of a month-long fellowship to study printmaking in India with local artists and artisans she had received. Her husband Scott, a very talented photographer and videographer, awed us with his video documenting Amanda’s visit.

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