Introducing Sung-Won (Christian) Park: Our New Korea Chapter Coordinator

The TCC is pleased to announce our newest chapter in the Republic of Korea. Mr. H.W. Rhee was the driving force behind putting together a group of Korea’s most well- traveled people, however, Mr. Park will serve as the chapter’s first coordinator.

I was born in Seoul, Korea, and my family immigrated to America when I was ten years old. We settled in New Jersey. During my junior year in high school, Rotary Club graciously sponsored me to spend a year in Japan. This was the year that opened my eyes to foreign countries and cultures. So I followed my passion to study International Studies at the Walsh School of Foreign Service in Georgetown University.

My wonderful wife, Hwajung, and I have three wonderful children together. Claire, 16, Joshua, 14, and Kirsten, 11, have all been to more than one hundred countries. We agreed early on that taking our kids around the world was more important than any estates or trusts. This is our legacy to our kids. Some have criticized us by say- ing that the kids are too young to remember. However, we believe in our mission and that the process is just as important as the result.

I have recently published a book in Korea about our family’s travels. It’s titled, “100 Countries in 10 Years: Family Road Trip.” I wrote about why we insisted on going on all these trips and what we all got out of them. I was overwhelmed when it hit the best seller’s list after three days.

Traveling is no longer a vacation for our family, but it’s become a part of life.

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