March 2020 Photo Contest Winner: Scott Swanberg, New York, New York

Congratulations Scott! You’ve won a year of free dues! September and December’s theme was deserts. Thanks to everybody who sent in their wonderful photos. The theme for our June 2020 contest is “Children.” Click for contest details »

Photo: Scott Swanberg

As a Star Wars aficionado, the most recent movie, The Last Jedi, peaked my interest due to the breathtaking landscape. Planet Crait is a barren world covered in salt. So it can be no surprise that filmmakers chose to shoot at the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. Isla Incahuasi, a hilly and rocky outcrop of land hosting gigantic cacti, is the top of the remains of an ancient volcano, which was submerged when the area was part of a giant prehistoric lake, roughly 40,000 years ago.


Deepak Awasthi Destrehan, Louisiana

Photo: Deepak Awasthi

After waking up early in the morning and waiting at the en- trance for an hour my wife and I finally entered the dunes of the impressive Namib desert in Sossusvlei area of Namibia. We slowly drove our way to the famous Dune 45. The colors of the Namib desert were unforgettable. This image captures the bluest of skies and the orange desert sand. The dunes of this desert are some of the highest in the world.The drive and walking to the dunes truly gave us the real desert experience that will stay our memories forever.

Rick Martinchalk Canon City, Colorado

Photo: Rick Martinchalk

“Camel Drive” This is in an area outside the town of Ud- hailiyah, Saudi Arabia. The Bedouins move their herd of camels to new locations every six months. This move just happened to be during a Shamal (a wind with rising sand).

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