Three Online Meetings of the TCC Canada Chapter in the Last Half of 2020

Hello World Travelers,

Yes, we have all been subjected to the same ‘house rules’ and continue to be “grounded” internationally for a little while more.

The good news is that we all have been given the opportunity this year to explore our vast amazing country of Canada — sea to sea. Tons of opportunities to explore our “home & native land.”

As well, we can still recount some of our wonderful past trips, dream and plan future travel destinations beyond our borders … Can’t wait!

In the meantime, we TCC-ers can continue to share our passion for travel via Zoom technology. Got some great feedback about our call earlier this year and it is time to plan some more.

On Saturday, Sept. 19, at noon EST we will get Canadian TCC folks together again.

Once again, the intent is to make it as interactive as possibl,e giving everyone a chance to share their own travel experiences.

  1. Please come prepared to tell the group about something you collect while traveling (airline boarding passes, magnets, entrance tickets to attractions, mugs, etc.). The good thing about a Zoom call is you will be able to show your collections to the group over the video link
  2. What is the favorite memento you have brought back from all your trips?

Please RSVP your intention to join us ASAP and I will issue the Zoom link shortly.

Please note in your calendars that we will be doing two additional Zoom meetings in 2020:

  1. Saturday, Oct. 24, at noon EST (details to follow)
  2. Saturday, Dec. 5, at noon EST (Details to follow)

Warm regards to everyone, and “see” you soon.

Rick Shaver, TCC Canada Chapter Coordinator

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