Trip Mementos Shared During September 2020 Canada Chapter Meeting

Hello World Travelers (Stuck at home – but many who are exploring Canada),

What a pleasure it was to connect on Sept. 19 to share our passion for travel. Just listening to everyone boosted my spirits and reminded me that there will be an end to this ‘travel embargo’ and we’ll be crossing borders again someday – hopefully sooner rather than later.

We welcomed and congratulated Stephanie Steen, a new TCC member who joined us on the call. We also passed on congrats to Dhillon Smith via his dad Derek who was on the call. Dillon, part of Canada’s most traveled family, recently hit the 100-country mark.

Members shared stories about “things they collect when traveling.” Items like coasters, lapel pins, carvings, nativity scenes, paintings and masks came up. A lot of travelers indicated that while they used to collect mementos traveling, they prefer to only bring back amazing memories now.

Members also shared the most coveted, cherished memento that they returned from a trip with. Inuit carvings, wall art from Afghanistan, elephant carvings and statues were some favorites mentioned and featured on the call.

Thank you to JoAnn Schwartz, TCC Board Secretary for participating on the call.

TCC Canada has two more 2020 Zoom calls scheduled: Saturday Oct. 24, at 12 noon, and Saturday, Dec. 5, at 12 noon. Details to follow.

Warm regards to everyone.

Rick ShaverTCC Canada Chapter Coordinator

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