Perspectives From Some of Our Newest TCC Members

Hear what a few of our newest members have to say about being a new member and reaching that 100 country milestone. These members joined the club in March 2020.

Sam Leung
San Jose, California
Being a member means I can learn and share travel information with others. One of my favorite things to do is to put together a presentation file with pictures, fun facts, or a short story about the new country that I just visited.

Once travel opens up, I would love to visit Ecuador, Uruguay, and Greenland.

Valerie Joseph
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I’m so excited and truly grateful I’ve reached my goal of visiting 103 countries, and belong to a curious group of like-minded travelers who interact with the world.

My most recent trip was to Ethiopia and Uganda in December 2019 where I visited my colleague, Rabbi Gershom Sizomo, a member of the Uganda Parliament. After my father returned from serving in the Pacific during WWII, he adamantly never wanted to travel anywhere again. I felt as a kid the opposite, wanting to see, experience and interact with the entire world. And so I did, keeping my little list of countries.

Jeanine Dumas Fetterly
Oakland, California
I love being with like- minded people, who find a thrill in adventure.Travel has always been a priority—along with my husband and four children.

Having my own darkroom at the age of 14, I have always loved photography, especially the photo opportunities of underwater and exotic places.

I’ve been twice to Brazil, once on a three-week expedition up the Amazon, but my plans in the 1960s to drive to Rio were delayed and still have not made it to Rio. I need to go.

Paolo Simões
Lisbon, Portugal
Thirty years ago, I told myself that I dreamed of visiting over 100 countries. Being a member of the Travelers’ Century Club is the recognition of my dream coming true.

My wife and I are foodies, and we always try to go to the best (or one of the best) restaurants in every country or region that we visit. As a couple, our objective is to go to all the San Pellegrino’s “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants,” but since it changes every year, it’s an impossible (but delicious) dream! In 2020, I had planned to go to St Barts, Montenegro and Bolivia. The pandemic did
not cancel my plans. It just postponed them.

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