Backyard Meeting of the Southeast Florida TCC Chapter

From left to right:  Kim Davison (the hostess taking the picture), Louise Gross, Gene Harris, Luisa Yul, Chachi Harris, Susan Pierres,  Back row: Ned Leigh, Mr.and Mrs. Hyona O’Brien and Jan Novar, the Southeast Florida Coordinator.

Some members wanted to meet up in Tom and Kim Davison‘s backyard and wear a mask, talk, and do our gift exchange and have a few snacks sitting outside in beautiful Miami weather. Well some people said yes, and we did it, as we have for about past 20 years. And it was a lot of fun, and yes it’s known as a Chinese gift game, and it is a lot of fun because you wrap up a travel souvenir “that you can part with” haha. You can label it inside “what it is and where it’s from.” But nobody knows who it’s from. You draw numbers and a gift can be stolen twice and then the second time a person gets to keep it.

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