Chen Guangming: Our New China Coordinator

At the age of 61,I am a senior engineer, a member of the China Science Exploration Association and the author of Toutiao Today News. I am excited to initiate the TCC China Chapter and connect with members across China. This has led to outstanding results and participation.

I am pleased to have been to 253 TCC countries and regions, the North and South Poles and even visited 72 countries and regions within one year.

My travels also include driving through all 50 states in the U.S., the Canadian Rockies, and 32 provinces in China — visiting 114 land borders and 88 coastal ports around China within 98 days, of which the total trip driving length is 38,889 kilometers.

我现年61岁,是高级工程师,中国科学探索 协会会员和《今日头条》的作者。我很高兴启 动TCC中国分会,并与中国各地的会员建立联 系。这导致了杰出的成果和参与。

我很高兴去过253个TCC国家和地区,南北两极,甚至在一年之内访问了72个国 家和地区。

我的旅行还包括驾车穿越美国的所有50个 州,加拿大的落基山脉和中国的32个省,在98 天内访问了中国境内的114个陆地边界和88个沿 海港口,其中全长旅行行程为38889公里。

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