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Harold “Hal” Hart Marshall, Wisconsin, USA

I joined the Navy when I was 18 to see the world. My 65th birthday is around the corner and now I’m trying to see the
parts of the world I’ve missed.Thinking back to the late 70’s and those thick guidebooks I used to purchase prior to a trip, it’s much easier now to research new ventures.

Since 2021, my home base has been Thai- land, a great place from which to explore other parts of Asia. I am an avid golfer and this sport helps me choose my next destination.

Fun fact about me: In 1984 I was one of seven people in the world to have the highest bowling average on a continent — in Antarctica.

I look forward to learning and sharing travel information with others. I enjoy presenting a story about any new country I just visited.

Vanessa Petsuch, Castle Rock Colorado, USA

Being a member means I have accomplished my goal of 100 countries by 50 years of age! I am so thrilled to meet like-minded travel fanatics.

Asked about a country I’m knowledgeable about, I would have to say Poland. I have Polish heritage and hope to live there someday. I absolutely fell in love with the country, its people, food and culture.

I really hope to learn more about Greenland. I have always been fascinated by this country and my plans are on hold in visiting there.

On my 50th last year, my husband took me on a trip to Bali, India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Oman and Abu Dhabi. It was on Feb. 14, five days before my 50th, that I landed in Singapore to celebrate my 100th country.

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