May 2021 Mediterranean Chapter Virtual Meeting Report

Jacobo Vilella , Ömer Yalkin, Maria, Antonia Grau , Harry Mitsidis
Joan Pons; Bjorn Sorhne, Wen H. Kuo; Frans Lettenstrom
David Rueda, Eugenio Bregolat, Francesc Borrull

Travel reasons: Emili Xaus; Nicola Coratella; Luis Filipe Gaspar
Other reasons: Luis Andrade; Carlos Martinez, Mehraj Mahmudov

Eleven members joined the second online meeting of the Mediterranean TCC Chapter on May 16. After introduction of new members, travelers shared their experiences during 1st quarter of 2021: White Desert (Egypt); Ethiopia; North Macedonia, UK countryside; Colombia; Costa Rica; Madeira and Azores and Lapland in Sweden were on the spot.

Preparation of future chapter meeting in Famagusta (Oct. 30-31, 2021) and participation in Malta international meeting were important topics of discussion. Finally, all members expressed their near future travel dreams.

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