Combined Northern California and Florida Meeting to Feature Presentation on West Africa

Greetings Travelers!

Our speaker for June 5 is Kent Kuran. Kent has been a member of the Northern California group since 2017 and has now moved to Boca Raton and will participate locally there. He has graciously offered to present on his trip via Zoom to West Africa to the combined group of the Northern California and Florida Chapters.

Kent had three weeks to kill and set out on an overland trip from Mauritania to Bissau! Taxis, donkey carts and car ferries transported him along the coastal route, which was moderately safer than the old caravan routes that would have carried him inland through areas with less stability and more potential risks. Motoring through Senegal, Gambia to Guinea Bissau’s airport was an adventure of a lifetime.

The meeting will take place Saturday, June 5, starting at 11 a.m. Pacifc (2 p.m. Eastern). Contact us for login information.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on June 5 for a trip through West Africa!

Margo and JoAnn

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