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Previously known as Destination Zoom, the TCC Virtual Explorations Committee is calling for volunteers! Do you have experience in program development, production or promotion? We can use your help and ideas!

If you are interested and able to work on any of these stages in the process, we could use your help on our committee. Join us for the fun of it!

Interested? Contact Charles Merkel, committee organizer,

Following the Algeria Destination Zoom in April with Said Chitour, members expressed interest in planning a trip to Algeria. A WhatsApp group has been set up, including Said, who will be happy to share detailed trip planning information. There is discussion of adding this on to the Malta Conference in 2022.

Should you wish to join this group, please send your WhatsApp contact number to Steve Owad-Jones, +18259948533; he who will add you to the group.

Growing up, I took road trips in the U.S. to see relatives; from my home in the Seattle area, I traveled to Bismarck, Denver, A lanta and New York. I guess I was lucky to have such far-flung relatives. Eventually, I added the Bahamas and Aruba and what I consider to be my first real international trip: to Europe in 1983. I landed in Frankfurt and drove through the former Yugoslavia using paper maps.

I created two travel goals. These were to circumnavigate the globe and to visit 100 countries. In 2010 I circumnavigated the globe, personally planning every detail of the two-month trip, which qualified me for membership in the Circumnavigators Club. Then by 2019, I finally reached Finland, my 100th country, and joined the TCC.

I haven’t stopped adding countries and never will, but I have slowed down to prioritize revisiting my favorite spots such as Paris.

Living in Paris, I worked as an engineer and a finance manager in the oil industry, which allowed me to travel extensively.

My interests for traveling are quite eclectic. Wherever I go, I aim to cover the region as extensively as possible.

My special interest in geopolitical trips has enabled me to witness the Berlin Wall fall in 1989. Further, my adventurous spirit has taken me to Somalia, Afghanistan and twice to North Korea.

But I truly love meeting people that are still authentic. To date, I have met 178 indigenous peoples such as the Dani and the Korowai (West Papua) and have been fortunate to at- tend 173 carnivals and traditional festivals.

Nature-oriented trips rank high for me, especially mountains and deserts having climbed 99 volcanoes and completed 48 treks. Most of the treks were mainly in the Himalayas where I did my first expedition (Zanskar in 1977) with 13 trips in Nepal. Adding to this theme, remote places like the North Pole, South Pole, Pitcairn and Iles Eparses have been interesting, too.

To date, I have been to 293 TCC countries and 189 UN countries. More to go!

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